Lviv Section Team

Nataliia Mogolivets – President of the Lviv Section
Dancer and yoga teacher
Holds degrees in Choreography, Psychology and Marketing
The President of the Ukrainian Dance Federation 
Initiator and co-author of  Natya Yoga system of yogic practices for dancers
Organizer of the Ukraine’s first and second International Congresses on Dance Research;
Organizer of more than 200 open dance festivals and concerts throughout Ukraine;
Holds training seminars on Yoga and Dance Movement Therapy;
Founder and leading instructor of  Yoga and Dance School in Lviv, Ukraine.
Elena Pikhulya, Deputy President
Dancer, choreographer.
10 years of dance teaching experience.
Founder of Sattva Studi.O tribal dance group (Kiev) and EC.Cetera dance project.
Co-developer of Nātya Yoga system as a series of yoga practices for parcicular dance styles.
Oleksandra Sereda, Executive Director
Dancer, choreographer. Owner of Born2Dance dance school in Lviv
15 years of dance teaching experience in hip-hop, breakdance and other modern styles. Learned the original style on numerous workshops and training programs in the USA and Europe.
Vitaliya Gubenko,  Vice-President
Dancer, choreographer, stage director.
11 years of dance teaching exerience.
Organizer of numerous dance events in Kharkiv (UA). Author of dance training programs.
Founder and leader of Kama Rise dance studio in Kharkiv.
Oleksandra Ulashyna,  Vice-President
Dancer, choreorapher, stage director.
Founder of Sandra Dance School pole-dance studio in Lviv.
Art director of Sandra Dance Show.
Svitlana Slavioglo, Vice-President
9 years of dance teaching experience.
Founder of DanceWoman school in Lviv.
Tetiana Vasylenko, Vice-President
Dancer, choreographer
Head of Uma Tribal Dance School, Lviv
Aerial artist at Sandra Art Show
Aleksandra Varavina, International Relations Manager
Flamenco dancer, head of the flamenco school Ole! Prima! in Kharkiv,
Instructor of the Ukrainian Dance Federation
Dance teaching experience 8 years
Have studied flamenco in schools in Kharkov and Kiev in Ukraine, and also in schools in Granada and Seville in Spain
Tetiana Ignatieva, General Secretary
Dancer, choreographer
Head of of Fly With Me aerial arts studio in Lviv, co-founder of Sensation dance studio.
Active participant of dance and culture events aimed at promotion of healthy lifestyle in general, and aerial dance art in particular
Kateryna Khorosheva, Deputy General Secretary
Dancer, member of the Ukrainian Dance Federation.
Pole Dance and Aerial Hoop instructor at Sandra Dance School, Lviv.
Active participant of national dance festivals and pole dance cups.
Oleksandra Tymoshchenko, Management Assistant
Dancer, choreographer.
Dance instructor at Dance Woman School, Lviv
Show  groups dancer  in international projects
Oksana Zakharova, Public Relations Officer
Dancer, choreographer, member of the Ukrainian Dance Federation.
4 years of dance teaching experience. Pole dance study experience both in Ukraine and abroad (USA).
Head of exZOtic  pole dance studio in Dnipro
Victoriia Ilieva, Secretary
Dancer, choreographer, member of the Ukrainian Dance Federation.
Head of Victory Dance School in Odessa
20 years of dance experience in classical choreography, folk dance and jazz modern.
Elena Sunhurova, Secretary
Dancer. Choreographer.
Instructor of the Ukrainian Dance Federation
Honorary Members of Lviv Section CID
Oleh Petryk, Prof. of Dance Arts

Dancer, dance teacher, choreographer.
Professor, Deputy Head of the Department of Choreography and Art Direction at Ivan Franko National University of Lviv.
National artist of Ukraine
Olexandr  Plakhotniuk, Ph.D.
Dancer, teacher, choreographer.
Ph.D. in History of Arts
Assistant Professor at the Department of Choreography and Art Direction  at Ivan Franko National University of Lviv.
Head of Vidlunnia Dance Theater